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JIE 2020


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"Corrective Feedback in Oral Communication" by Joseph B. Quinto


"A Study of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations from the Perspective of Space Narrative" by Jiang Jindi and Li Zhiqiang


"Therapeutic Discourse of Nurses and Folks to Patients in Selected Hospitals in Iloilo City, Philippines" by Joy Hondrade-Pantino


"A Perspective on the Global Unemployment" by Jinine Laishramcha


"Critical Review on Rent-Seeking Theory" by Gao Jianyi


"A Study on the Character"﨟" of Eastern Han Dynasty Bamboo Slips in Shangde Street, Changsha 長沙尚德街東漢簡牘“﨟”字考" by Zhu Xuebin

"Research on the Formation of Late 'Shang' Political System 晚商政體形成研究" by Jiang Jian Sin

"A Narrative Study of 'Skull and Resurrection' Novels - Focus on 'Tan Sheng' and 'Nie Xiaoqian' “骷髏與複生”類型小說的叙事研究 ——以《談生》、《聶小倩》爲中心" by Sui Yuzhu

"A Study on the Lexical Meaning and Syntactic Function of "Tàolù" 流行語“套路”的詞匯意義和句法功能考察" by Tian Shengfang

"Research on the Types and Causes of Chinese Network Words 试论汉语网络词语的类型及成因" by Li Jizheng

"Research on the Design of Flipped Chinese General Course 翻转中文教养课设计研究" by Du Haifeng

"Thoughts on the Necessity of Developing Inter-school Remote Collective Lesson Preparation in Universities 關于高校開展跨校遠程集體備課的必要性思考" by Cui Juanhua

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