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JIE 2023

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"Higher-Order Thinking Skills-Based Assessment in English for Academic and Professional Purposes by Roselle G. Aniceto

"Challenges and Successes of Flexible Learning Modalities in the English Language Classroom in the New Normal" by Michelle P. Ranges

"Post-Pandemic Educational Landscape: Navigating Pre-service Teachers’ Online Learning Journey in Flexible Delivery of Instruction by Eliseo P. Marpa

"Hassle before the Tassel: Conquering the Senior High School Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Capstone Project by Denver M. Cho-Oy

"Training Module in Support of the Secondary Mathematics Program by Lilia A. Ricero


"Comparative Study of Thai English Native Speakers' Errorsin the Sentence “shi……de” by Song Tingli, Zhang Ting


"NATO's Istanbul Cooperation Initiative: Dynamic, Process, and Dilemma" by Genghua Zhu, Cristian Clinci

"Authorship Infractions Unbound: Shall I Include My Research Adviser as a Co-author? by Joseph B. Quinto

"A Multimodal Deconstruction of the 2021 Short Film "Save Ralph" by Eileen B. Bagyan, Bernard Jeremiah V. Leoligao, Atheena C. Madlaing 

"EFL Distance Learning: Korean Students’ Perception of Online Conversation and Writing Class by Dominic Ruiters

"An Analysis of the Levels of Code-Mixing in Facebook Captions: Kankanaey - English by Vanessa I. Bagesbes


"Generation and Expansion of the ‘Dao X’ Class of Adverbs
-Taking‘Dao Chu’and ‘Dao Di’as Examples
“到X”類副詞的生成與擴展—以“到處,到底”為例 by Xing Xiangwen 邢相文

"The Semantic Evolution and Subjectification of ‘Che’“扯”的語義演變及主觀化 by Wei Yipiao 韋旖飄

"The ‘We’re nothing but insects who live in this world but one day, mere specks of grain in the vastness of the ocean’of ‘Chibi Fu’ 關於《赤壁賦》中的“寄蜉蝣於天地,渺滄海之一粟” by Xue Suchen 薛蘇晨

Comparative Analysis of Online Education Systems in China
and the United States 中美線上教育體系的比較與分析 by Zhang Tianyan 章天彥, Dong Keming 董克明

Application of ‘Five Senses’ Teaching Method in
Korean Language Teaching 淺談“五感”教學法在韓語教學中的應用 by Wamg Dan 王丹

"Enlightenment of South Korea Football Youth Training Model on the Development of Chinese Football- From an Educational Perspective 淺談韓國足球青訓培養模式對中國足球發展的啟示-以教育為中心 by Lee Zhengri 李正日

The Reception and Dissemination of French Literature in China in the 20th Century 略論20世紀法國文學在中國的接受與播遷 by Wu Yaxuan 吳雅暄 Sui Yuzhu 隋雨竹

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