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An Analysis of the Levels of Code-Mixing in Facebook Captions: Kankanaey - English

Vanessa L. Bagesbes

University of Baguio, Baguio City, Philippines

Abstract: The goal of this study is to describe the Kankanaeys' level of English proficiency using code-mixing and communicative competency levels, as well as code-mixing advantages and disadvantages. The research employed both qualitative and quantitative methods to describe and explain the data gathered from users, as well as the outcomes. The most frequently observed competency in the participants' captions is strategic communicative competency. Kankanaey had an equal view of the disadvantages and advantages of codemixing. Graduates have higher proficiency in English language skills when compared to active and inactive undergraduate students according to the findings, the broader an individual's exposure to the English language, the broader their knowledge and proficiency in the language.

Keywords: Code-mixing, Kankanaeys, communicative competency, proficiency level

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