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JIE 2019
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"Communicative Modes in Oral Communication in Context" by Katerin Marquez Ledesma

"Does the Use of Digital Badges Affect the Frequency of Online Discussion Forum Participation in a Blended-Learning Class?" by Michael Brett Clark

"The Effects of 8-week Plyometrics Training on Fitness of Soccer-specific Performance in Female Middle School Soccer Players" by Min-Young Lee, Sung-il Ha, Jeong-sun Ju, and Ha-Yan Lee

"English Language Learners' Self-Esteem, Motivation, and Anxiety: A Replication Study" by Lelanie M. Basco & Sang-Ho Han

"Narrative Ethics in Dickens' Novels" by Jiang Jindi & Liu Qian

"Study on Chinese Haitoa Intention" by Liu Caixia & Liu Yunxia

"Values Home Orientation, Awareness and Behavioral Manifestations of Students" by Joel A. Ciriaco

"Challenges, Needs, and Dreams of Parents who have Children with Special Needs" by Joanna Carmela Santos, Noven F. Tungala, et al.  

"A Metasynthesis of Filipino Youth Challenges in Globalization" by Adrienne B Dequina

"Attitudes of Children Toward Mathematics" by Noven F. Tungala

"Electronic Gadgets: Beneficial or Distractive?" by Mary Ann Ciudadano

Development: A Trend of Misconception in the 4th Industrial Revolution" by Jinine Laishramcha 


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