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Training Module in Support of the Secondary Mathematics Program

Lilia A. Ricero

DepEd National Capital Region, Regional Office, Philippines

Abstract:This study aimed to develop a training module in support of the secondary mathematics programs with the end in view of obtaining strong mathematics programs that will empower the mathematics teachers to be more competent and promote a comprehensive school program for the needs of the students. This study employed the descriptive method of research using a checklist questionnaire to assess the training needs and problems mostly encountered during training sessions of Mathematics teachers. Statistical tools used were frequency count, ranking, percentage, weighted mean, standard deviation, and two-tailed test of independence. The subjects of the study were 87 mathematics teachers and 47 administrators belonging to public secondary schools. Both groups of respondents differ in their responses regarding training programs in terms of food, materials, and trainers and sometimes encountered problem due to lack of budget and shortage of instructional materials. Based on the results of the study, training modules can be made to support the secondary mathematics program in training mathematics teachers. Teachers would be competent and flexible to varied changes in educational systems when they are given quality training in mathematics. Moreover, the school management has to address the concerns of mathematics teachers especially in the area of content knowledge and capability enhancement. Provisions for adequate, updated and relevant training guide based on mathematics teachers’ needs may be used by trainers and facilitators in conducting quality training sessions. This training module will help mathematics teachers and trainers because it deals with strategies and techniques in teaching problem solving.


Keywords: training module, mathematics program, mathematics teachers, trainers

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