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Hassle before the Tassel: Conquering the Senior High School Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Capstone Project

Denver M. Cho-oy

De La Salle University Integrated School, Philippines

Abstract:Capstone projects serve as final educational experiences for students as they conclude their high school education, specifically those taking up Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). In order to prepare and guide students to successfully complete their Capstone Project, it is critical for them to understand the challenges and success factors that they may face. This qualitative study involves fourteen participants who received awards because of outstanding performance in their project. This paper presents challenges experienced by students which revolve around the researchers, their projects, and their resources. Success factors comprise group dynamics, the relevance of the projects, the adviser, and the researcher's attitude. In the successful completion of the project, four themes emerged: conquering with self, conquering with a team, conquering with experts, and conquering with meaning. This study may be used by students and teachers in understanding the experience of STEM students in the Capstone Project.

Keywords:SHS, STEM, challenges and success factors, capstone project

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