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Post-Pandemic Educational Landscape: Navigating Pre-service Teachers’ Online Learning Journey in Flexible Delivery of Instruction

Eliseo P. Marpa

Philippine Normal University Visayas, Philippines

Abstract: As life gradually returns to normal after the unprecedented global COVID-19 pandemic, the lessons and innovations forged during this challenging period continue to shape the future of education, fostering a more resilient, adaptable, and technologicallyenhanced learning environment. This situation has triggered the researcher to conduct research on preservice teachers' online learning journeys in flexible delivery of instruction during the post-pandemic period. To answer this problem, the researcher developed a 20- item survey questionnaire and administered open-ended questions to the 377 preservice teachers. Findings revealed that the majority of the preservice teachers were using cell phones and Google Meet during the flexible delivery of instruction. On the other hand, their accessibility to online platforms is average except for the use of Edmodo and Zoom, which is low. Thus, the challenges experienced by them are poor internet connection and connectivity issues, time management and workload, financial constraints and load allowance, gadgets and technology issues, adaptation to new learning, mental and emotional health, collaboration and group activities, teacher-student interaction and engagement, and a lack of motivation and concentration. On the other hand, their coping is an adaptation to online learning challenges, coping strategies, and resilience; overcoming financial and connectivity challenges; adjusting to new learning modalities; resilience and faith; community and support; and effects to improve connectivity. Along this line, the study disclosed that preservice teachers are still experiencing challenges concerning gadgets, online platforms, and accessibility to the flexible delivery of instruction as schools gradually return to normal.

Keywords: Educational landscape, Flexible delivery of instruction, Post-pandemic, Preservice teachers

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