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The Reception and Dissemination of French Literature in China in the 20th Century 略論 20 世紀法國文學在中國的接受與播遷

吳雅暄 Wu Yaxuan


Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea

隋雨竹 Sui Yuzhu


The University of Suwon, South Korea

Abstract: Chinese Literature in the 20th century, has been influenced by various foreign literatures in the process of modernization transformation and historical evolution. Among them, French literature played an extremely important role in the development of Chinese Literature in the 20th century. Therefore, as a basic research, the researchers want to understand the influence of French literature on Chinese literature in the 20th century, as well as the inheritance and changes of the characteristics of French literature in Chinese literary works, and the role and significance of these characteristics in the development of modern Chinese literature. It is necessary to sort out and summarize the French literature translated into Chinese during the response period. This study attempted to sort out the translation of French literary works in the 20th century from both vertical and horizontal perspectives, and summarize its characteristics.

Keywords: French literature reception dissemination Chinese literature in 20th century


※吳雅暄(第一作者) 隋雨竹(通訊作者)

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