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Enlightenment of South Korea Football Youth Training Model on the Development of Chinese Football- From an Educational Perspective 淺談韓國足球青訓培養模式對中國足球發展的啟示-以教育為中心

李正日 Li Zhengri

國民大學 一般大學院

School of General Graduate, Kookmin University, Korea

Abstract: South Korea‘s football youth training and competition system has been mature and stable, and at this stage, Chinese football urgently needs to sort out and stabilize the core parts from the management organization, the type of youth training teams, the youth coaches, and the youth football competition system. Football should start with in childhood. Youth training is the foundation of the enduring football life, and education is very important throughout the entire football career. The combination of campus and football, sports and education is key at the stage of the youth player development. Football training and education is a systematic project so the author have to rationally analyze the problems of youth football training in China in reference to the successful operation of other countries in youth training according to the law of football development and step by step cultivation of young football talent.

Keywords:Korea football Chinese football football youth System football education

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