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Comparative Analysis of Online Education Systems in China and the United States 中美線上教育體系的比較與分析

章天彥 Zhang Tianyan

董克明 Dong Keming


Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, China

Abstract: This paper is about a comparative analysis of the online education systems in China and the United States, delving into their similarities and differences within the realm of online education. The authors examined the components, policies, developmental trajectories, and challenges of these online education systems, unveiling their unique characteristics. Notably, significant disparities exist between the roles of governments, development paths, and technological innovations in online education between the two countries. However, both China and the United States played vital roles in global education. The authors discussed how mutual experiences can be leveraged to offer valuable insights and recommendations for the field of online education. This research provided profound insights into the understanding and development of online education, emphasizing its potential in catering to diverse cultural and educational needs

Keywords: China-US comparison online education system analysis educational development



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