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The ‘We’re nothing but insects who live in this world but one day, mere specks of grain in the vastness of the ocean’of ‘Chibi Fu’ 關於《赤壁賦》中的“寄蜉蝣於天地,渺滄海之一粟”

薛蘇晨 Xue Suchen


Yuncheng Vocational and Technical University, China

Abstract:Su Shi's ancient masterpiece ‘Chibi Fu(First Visit to the Red Cliff)’ has always been a key topic in the study of classical Chinese, and its literary and calligraphy value cannot be underestimated. Regarding this article, Su Shi's handwritten calligraphy works have been preserved, and the handwriting differs from the commonly used versions in terms of useful characters, namely variant writing.

Keywords: SuShi First Visit to the Red Cliff Chibi Fu Variant text

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