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Generation and Expansion of the ‘Dao X’ Class of Adverbs -Taking‘Dao Chu’and ‘Dao Di’as Examples “到 X”類副詞的生成與擴展—以“到處,到底”為例

邢相文 Xing Xiangwen


College of Journalism and Communication, Jilin University of Finance and Economics, China

Abstract:This article focuses on examining the Chinese words ‘daochu’ and ‘daodi’ to explore the reasons for the formation and development patterns of the adverbial structure ‘dao X’. It is believed that the adverbialization of ‘dao X’ is directly grammaticalized from the verb-object structure, and the formation times of different words within the ‘dao X’ class are not synchronized, with uneven development among different words.

Keywords: dào X’ class of adverbs ‘dao chu(到處)’ ‘dao di(到底)’ adverbialization

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