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"Implementation of Physical Education and Health Towards 21st Century Skills" by Peejay Corpuz Natiola

"Effects of Creative Writing Activities on Students' Mathematics Anxiety" by Francis Pantino, Ph.D. and Joy Hondrade-Pantino, Ph.D. 

"Rent Utilization in a Centrally Planned Economy: A Case Study of China's Auto Industry" by Gao Jianyi, Ph.D.

"Confuscius and Confucianism's Influence Reflected in Voltaire's Ideology" by Jian Jindi, Ph.D.

"Diachronic Changes in the Filipino Stories of the Selected PMA Cadets" by Johnna de Castro Fernandez, Ph.D. and Maria Teresa Tibagacay-Vicente, Ph.D.


"Management Dilemma and Governance Innovation of Secondary Colleges of Public Universities in Mainland China中國內地公立大學二級學院的管理困境與治理創新"by 楊學英 and 朱建定 

"The current situation and Development of Korean Language Education in Chinese Universities 中國高校韓國語教育現狀及發展" by 崔娟華 

"Study on the Design of the Learning Situation of the Training Course of "Food Service and Management" in Secondary Vocational Schools - Take G school in Kunming as an example 中職學校“餐飲服務與管理”實訓課程的學習情境設計研究 ——以昆明市 G 學校爲例" by 楊永兵

"The Application of Game Teaching Method in University Literacy Class 游戲教學法在大學教養課上的應用" by 獨海峰

"Research on the Application of Chinese Films Teaching in General Chinese Courses in Korean Universities 韓國高校通識課程中文影視教學應用略論" by 李繼征

"Investigation of the Image of Thinking Women in 'Nineteen Ancient Poems' 《古詩十九首》思婦形象考察" by 隋雨竹

"A Study on the Development Status of Live E-commerce in China and South Korea 中韓直播電商發展現狀比較分析" by 劉萌萌

"A Survey Study for the Establishment of the Global Beauty Education System 為開設國際美業教育體系進行的相關調查研究" by 金東瑩

"Current Status and Analysis of Hair Loss Management Market in China 中國脫髮管理市場現狀及分析" by 申㻉姀

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