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JIE 2022

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"Multicultural Education Approach in Language Teaching" by Gregerlin  I. Lambenicio

"Strand-Based Instructional Materials in Reading and Writing Skills" by Manilyn R. Cacanindin


"Assessment of Teacher's Technostress in the Digital Workplace" by Merino A. Bantasan


"CMO No. 15, S.2019: Graduate Students: Are You Ready for This?" by Joseph B. Quinto


"Dealing with Mathematics Anxiety in this Time of COVID-19: A Mixed-Methods Study" by John Carlo P. Unson

"Evolution, Essence and Boundary of 'Ke-Chang Is-Zheng': A Rising Reform in Chinese Higher Education" by Gao Jianyi

"Tutorial Lesson in College Algebra for Students in System Technology Institute" by Lilia A. Ricero

"Competency-Based Supplementary Instructional Modules in Computer-Aided Drawings (CAD) in Selected Schools in Batangas" by Bryan S. Cabreros

"Teachers' Perspective on the Essential Roles of Basic Education Teachers in Achieving Students' Success" by Julius Tongaloc and Veronica Mocsoy

"Public Service Delivery Among Employees in the Bureau of Customs -- Prof of Batangas, Philippines" by Harren James S. Bautista


"The Evolution of Vocational Education Titles in China: A Historical Investigation 職業教育稱謂的中國演進—基於歷史的考察" by Yang Yongbing, Man Liping and Gong Zili

"Comparative Analysis of China-German Vocational Education Model 中德職業教育模式對比研究" by Song Chengling and Qu Jiahui

"Research on the Application of Comic Elements in Language Teaching 語言教學中漫畫元素的應用研究" by Du Haifeng

"Korean movies, from the Nation to the World: Focus on The Korean Gangster Film Genre 從本土走向世界的韓國電影—以韓國黑幫類型電影為對象" by Li Pengru

"Introspection and Extending of Theoretical and Empirical Research on Educational Happiness教育幸福感理論與實證研究的新進展" by Yang Xueying and Zhang Rui

"On the Construction of Harmonious Labor Relations in Private Enterprises : Based on Confucius' View of Righteousness and Benefit 論民營企業和諧勞動關係的構建—基於孔子“義利觀”視角" by Zhu Jiandang and She Qiang

"Analysis of Korean Cosmetics Market in China under China's National Trend Economy 中國國潮經濟下的韓國化妝品中國市場淺析" by Kim Donghyoung

"The Domestic Cosmetics Brand Strategies under the Live Commerce : Take Florasis as an Example 直播電商熱潮下的國貨彩妝品牌策略-以花西子為例" by Liu Mengmeng

"Market Hypothetical Strategies of Korean Men's Skin Care Cosmetics under the Background of 'He Economy' in China" 中國“他經濟”背景下的韓國男性護膚化妝品市場假想策略 by Shin Bohwa

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